Established by Av. Volkan GÖZÜYUKARI in Ankara, the firm provides services in the fields of Family Law, Execution Law, Tax Law, Commercial Law, Criminal Law, Energy Law (EPDK), and Labor Law with its expert and experienced team.

With its young, dynamic, and experienced team, our office is committed to resolving execution proceedings and cases as quickly as possible. Our approach involves not only initiating demands and lawsuits in execution files but also exploring alternative methods such as conciliation and settlement to reach a resolution. We aim to prevent disputes before they arise by informing our clients with various preventive legal advice.

Our law firm is guided by the principles of honesty and trust required by the legal profession. Our employees are obligated to preserve all information and documents belonging to clients under the obligation of confidentiality. In any dispute or lawsuit, possible risks and possibilities are communicated to clients, and their approval is obtained. To provide quality service to our clients, our office collaborates and consults with other law firms operating nationally and internationally, as well as experts and institutions in their respective fields.

Gözüyukarı Law Firm & Consultancy provides consultancy services to many reputable companies in Istanbul, Ankara, and Kırıkkale.

Our office continues its operations with 4 lawyers and 2 clerks.