Ankara Criminal Lawyer

Priority on the search for the best criminal attorney in Ankara should be on strong reference. A familiar attorney can help you with many legal problems. Everybody can get frustrated when it comes to legal conflicts, that is because according to the position of the conflict you might get expensive fines or even imprisoned. This is why you need to be very careful about picking an attorney. As Ankara Criminal Lawyer, an attorney should be experienced, should possess over all the regulations and also should be able to answer all your questions. Make sure to check your attorneys’ registration on the Bar Association. (For example: Turkish Bar Association or Ankara Bar Association)

Ankara criminal attorneys usually give service on criminal law.  It doesn’t matter if you are a defendant or a complainant you can defend your rights with an Ankara Criminal Attorney.

Ankara Criminal Attorney goes through all of the legal process with you. From giving a petition for the defendant or attendant to defending, all the steps are taken with great work  and devotion. It is important to choose the right attorney in all legal conflicts but you should be extra careful in criminal cases. Even a small mistake or fault in the petition period at the beginning can cause an unreturnable result; either a great fine or imprisonment. A decent Ankara Criminal Attorney will defend you very carefully. In brief, you should be working with a professional attorney in order to not become a victim.


Ankara Criminal Lawyer gives advice and representative service on:

Aggravated Criminal Court, General Criminal Court, Child General/Aggravated Criminal Court, Magistrates’ Court, Criminal Court for intellectual and industrial property rights.

You can contact us about any other questions about Ankara Criminal Attorney or criminal cases and criminal representation. Ankara Criminal Attorney gives professional service to complainant, victim, suspected or defendant on any period of investigation or judgment. Ankara Criminal Lawyers also works on financial felonies, informatic technology crimes and work incident crimes.

Ankara Criminal Attorney’s looks into Criminal Law about:

  • Represent complainant of defendant in all steps of the trial,
  • Representing defendant or constituent in Magistrates’, General or Aggravated  Court
  • Making an official complaint, following and intervening in the Republic Prosecutor’s investigation phase.
  • Criminal cases caused by traffic incidents, objection to defection rate,
  • Following cases about Check Code, criminal cases for intellectual and industrial property rights 
  • Cleansing in criminal record because of overtime or other legal reasons.
  • Following other criminal cases caused by criminal sanctions defined by laws.


Criminal law examines and predicts sanctions to human acts considered as offense. Primary elements of criminal law are offense and punishment. Criminal law divides into two:

  • General crime
  • Private crime

General criminal law is about defining offense by its material and moral elements, defining general terms that determine criminal law, reasons that eliminates offense, reasons that subsidies penalty or eliminates it, etc.

Private criminal law defines what acts are considered as an offense according to Turkish Republic Regulations while also defining its extent. Criminal attorney should be dominating all this info. İn brief, criminal law in narrow meaning approaches material punishment,  in broad meaning it approaches material punishment and execution law.

Ankara Criminal Lawyer

Ankara Criminal Lawyer


Duty of criminal law is to ensure public and social peace. Criminal Code’s purpose is to protect personal rights and freedom, public order and safety, public health, public peace and prevent crime. Ankara Criminal Attorney defends his/her clients in order to protect them.

General cases that Ankara Criminal Attorney and criminal law is about: 

  • Enforcement Criminal Court cases
  • Criminal cases for intellectual and industrial property rights 
  • Objection to decision of non-prosecution
  • Objection to arrestation
  • Compensation request cases because of unfair arrest
  • Magistrates’ Court cases
  • General Criminal Court Cases,
  • Aggravated Criminal Court cases
  • Child Criminal Court cases
  • Child Aggravated Criminal Court cases


The Ankara Criminal Attorney is the person that is experienced and knows everything about these cases. So, he/she specializes in Turkish Criminal Code, Code of Criminal Procedure, Code About Execution of the Crime and Security Measures Execution.

Ankara Criminal Attorney starts from the arresting period, following with the investigation and prosecution process of the defendant or suspect. If an Ankara Criminal Attorney is working for a complainant or constituent he/she makes sure that the investigation process  proceeds carefully and effectively. Ankara Criminal Lawyer helps with collecting and evaluating evidence while making and expediting bureaucratic correspondences. Ankara Criminal Lawyer works in order to make sure the defendant or suspect is punished for his/her crimes. 


As mentioned before, Ankara Criminal Attorney follows every step of the trial starting from the arrest and consults you about judgment. Ankara Criminal Attorney can also be with you while giving your statement in court or officials. This is why rather than searching for a casual attorney you should be choosing Ankara Criminal Attorney. Although it is not definite, we can say that very few attorneys are specialized in the criminal area.


Although it is very important to be professional in every occupation, it is crucial for Ankara Criminal Attorney to be experienced. We can’t say that  5-6 years of experience as an Ankara Criminal Lawyer and a lawyer who just started his/her career would be the same. Just like that an attorney to hire an intern and teach the profession must be at least 5 years experienced by the law. Therefore it is very important for the Ankara Criminal Attorney to be at least 5 years experienced. Ankara Criminal Attorney should master the regulations, search carefully for similar cases and be experienced.


Another term used except Ankara Criminal Attorney is Ankara Aggravated Criminal Attorney. Aggravated Criminal Attorney is a term used for attorneys who are specialized on aggravated criminal cases. In Turkey, upper criminal courts are controlled by one president and two member judges. The reason why the term aggravated is used is because the types of crimes that are being judged are more serious and punishments are higher. Aggravate Criminal Court is responsible with these crimes:

  • Fraudulent Bankruptcy
  • counterfeiting money
  • Embezzlement
  • Extortion
  • Bribery
  • Organized crime
  • Drug dealing 
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Murder
  • Human trafficking
  • Sexual assault 
  • Child sexual assault
  • Torture
  • Seizure
  • Genocide
  • Aggravated fraud

Aggravated Criminal Attorneys defend his/her clients in such crimes in court.


Magistrates’ criminal cases are about less punished crimes. Usually these cases don’t end up with imprisonment decisions. Magistrates’ Criminal Court Attorney can also defend you with these types

Magistrates’ Criminal Court  is responsible with these crimes:

  • Traffic crimes
  • Stealing
  • Small residential crimes
  • Fight or small injuries

These crimes are less punished and an attorney can advise you with these cases. 

Don’t forget that every country and area has different terminology and different legal systems. This is why the role of an attorney can change according to the country.


This term is usually used because of the attorney’s popularity. It is used to describe famous attorneys because they have won very big cases. Famous criminal attorneys usually work on cases that are known by the public.

Although being famous is not linked to attorneys’ legal abilities. Most important factors are experience, legal information and achievements. 

Some famous criminal lawyers may have earned this fame by taking on publically well-known cases or by frequent appearances in leading media outlets. These lawyers are frequently mentioned in popular culture or followed by the media. However, the quality or skills of every famous criminal lawyer may not be at the same level.

Since criminal cases are sensitive and complex, while choosing a renowned criminal lawyer, it is important to consider factors such as legal knowledge, experience, success and client focus rather than reputation. When working with an attorney, characteristics such as a sense of trust and the ability to communicate effectively should also be taken into consideration

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