Ankara Divorce Lawyer

Ankara Divorce Lawyer

Ankara Divorce Lawyer with his knowledge and experience, gives his clients best service according to their needs. Attorneys with significant experience in handling high net worth cases, have the skills and knowledge necessary to draft effective prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, protecting your assets and interests upon divorce. Before getting into a conflict about a contract with your spouse you should definitely consult an attorney. A professional and international family law attorney can lead you about your financial rights and predict what the result will be in divorce case. In order to make decisions according to correct information, you should be receiving this informations before-hand. 

Any legal conflict, especially divorce and other family law subjects go through tension. Although divorce doesn’t have to be destructive emotionally. In certain situations, arbitration and partnership code can be the answer to resolve everybody’s problems with their best interest. On the other hand, sometimes there is no other way except for filing a suit. With all 3 processes, Ankara Divorce Attorney can help you choose which way would be the best fit. 


An Ankara family lawyer is dedicated to his job, establishes close relations which leads to strong and effective representation that is characterized by humanity, compassion and understanding. If you find yourself in a divorce situation or other family law issues, you can contact an experienced Ankara Divorce Lawyer to make an appointment.

Family Law is stated in Turkish Civil Code and examines various sub-topics. These subjects are: Engagement, Marriage (terms and conditions), Divorce (terms and conditions), Adoption, Marital Property, Family Residence, Paternity, Alimony-Child Alimony,Tutelage and Guardianship.

If you are planning to work with an attorney in Ankara you might want to know some terms that can come up in your case. Divorce lawyers not only work on divorce cases, they also look into other Family Law topics.

Ankara Divorce Lawyer

Ankara Divorce Lawyer


You might know what engagement is but not its legal meaning. Engagement in legal terms is used for persons who declared that they will be married. A ceremony isn’t required in the code so even a small ceremony between families is binding.


Marriage occurs when two people who meet the conditions stated in the code declare that they are married in front of official authorities. Marriage itself is the biggest part of Family Law. Divorce lawyer also prepares prenups. You can protect your rights very easily by making a prenup first.


The termination stage of the marriage union is called divorce. Divorce is also one of the main subjects of Family Law that results with many differences in spouses’ situations. An Ankara Divorce Attorney should be experienced and must have full knowledge of the law. In this way, it will be better to protect your rights in matters such as financial sharing and custody rights during the divorce phase.


Adoption is when a person with or without a child of his/her own who meets the legal terms 

takes another child into one’s care and takes care of the child. There are very firm rules about adoption and it is required that the adopted child takes very good care while growing.


It is the determination of how to share the property and money earned before and after marriage after a person’s marriage, divorce or death. This is why it is the most complicated subject to be resolved in the Family Law. Divorce attorney examines the marital property regime in a divorce situation and makes sure that both spouses get their rights without any conflicts at the end.


Family residence is the property where family lives. Family residence assurance does not include other properties that spouses buy for investment or renting purposes. It only includes one residence that the family already lives in. Ankara Divorce Lawyers find solutions to problems such as what will happen with the family residence and defend your rights in court when divorce happens.


Although it is defined as an individual’s all ascendant descendant in civil registry,in legal terms it examines the relationship between father, mother and child. For this reason, even though the lineage between the people listed above is acquired by birth, lineage can also be established by court decision if there is an deficiency or incorrect information in the civil registration. 

Representation of a minor child is called custody. In Turkey age of legal majority is 18 and until this age a child is represented jointly by mother and father in marriage. So, an individual who hasn’t completed age 18 yet is under parents responsibility. If the marriage ends, custody can be changed permanently or temporarily by court order.  Ankara Divorce Lawyer is very important in custody cases. It is seen that sometimes, childs’ custody is used to wear down other party in divorce cases.If you want to make sure that child doesn’t get any harm during the case, you should find a good lawyer.

Alimony is the amount that must be paid to the other spouse to prevent one of the spouses from falling into poverty or for the expenses of the joint child during the divorce case or after the divorce. If there is a child, many issues such as who will pay the child’s school expenses are included in the alimony case. Tutelage; It is the representation of people who do not have the ability to make decisions or who do not have the necessary health conditions to do a job. This decision is made by the court.


In Family Law cases, a trustee is attended to represent people with whom there will be hostility during the case. For example, if the child who will file the paternity case is underage, a trustee will be appointed by the court.



The branch of law that regulates family relations and regulated under civil law is called family law. Family law, by its nature, has very different characteristics from other branches of civil law. Family relationships include relationships that must continue, especially if there are children. With marriage, a marital union is established between spouses, and spouses are obliged to live together, remain loyal and help each other. Another feature of family law is the principle of protection of the weak. The relationships included in family law are only those that are regulated in the law, and the terms regulating relationships are mostly mandatory and firm. In family law relations, the idea of morality and public order is dominated.

For Ankara Divorce Lawyer professional and best services, contact us. You can get information on custody and property sharing as well.

Under family law, cases about separation are not only regulated within marriage. Sometimes, couples after engagement can separate as well and if  families cannot agree on the jewelry, gifts and money spent during the engagement period, they can file a lawsuit with a Divorce Lawyer in Ankara. In engagement, although there isn’t official evidence, a legal bond is formed between parties. A ceremony isn’t required for this legal bond to form. What is required is that both sides declare their mutual unification will.

We can define marriage as the family unity in good and bad times by two people signing and providing the necessary conditions to establish a permanent union. According to the Civil Code; people who are going to get married must have the marriage license and not have any restrictions to marriage.

Divorce lawyer comes in service when married couples decide to divorce. Reasons for divorce are listed in Turkish Civil Code. Therefore, divorce cases can not be based on any other reasons that are not specified in the law. Court will not order for divorce if the reason isn’t specified in the Civil Code. Reasons for divorce can be listed as absolute and relative reasons for divorce, as well as specific and general reasons for divorce. That’s why you should get support by working with a Divorce Lawyer in Ankara. 

Consensual divorce is for couples that decide to divorce by their will and agreement. In this divorce type, there are very firm rules and judges can make arrangements in the terms that are against the law on the separation agreement.

Marriage should last at least 1 year in order to do a consensual divorce. Also, spouses should agree on every subject and list them on the protocol. Ankara divorce lawyer will do all this for you. Couples property sharing, child’s custody, alimony after divorce should all be specified in protocol.

Ankara Divorce Lawyer prepares the divorce protocol for you and couples can complete the first step by signing the protocol. After signatures, the Ankara divorce attorney will prepare a petition and file a suit for divorce in Family Court for you. After the petition is accepted by court, date and time for your hearing will be notified to you. Ankara Divorce Lawyer will give you detailed information needed. During the hearing, if there isn’t a legal obstacle, divorce decision will be ordered by the court. A petition for waiver of appeal must be submitted in order for the decision to be finalized and procedures to be fastened. Once the decision is finalized, the necessary corrections will be made at the Civil Registry Office.

In consensual divorce cases, it would be best for the parties to get help from an Ankara Divorce Lawyer to speed up the divorce process, protect their rights and avoid making mistakes.


It is a known fact that marriage doesn’t always end by mutual agreement. Reasons specified in the Civil Code such as Adultery, Attempt against Life, Very Bad or Dishonorable Behavior, Committing a Crime and Living a Dishonorable Life, Abandonment, Mental Illness, Shaking the Foundations of the Marital Union, Failure to Re-Establish Common Life or the reason that both sides agree to divorce but minimum of year of marriage isn’t completed in order to do a consensual marriage are also known as divorce reasons. Contested divorce can be opened by one side or both sides. Ankara Divorce Lawyer should be picked very carefully in these cases.

These types of divorces are based on every individual itself so petition, evidence and witnesses will determine the outcome of the case. Even the petition submitted by the Ankara Divorce Lawyer can determine the case’s progress. Loss of custody and property is commonly experienced in cases if the file is submitted with the petitions found on the internet or elsewhere. An ordinary petition written on such a serious issue will have a very negative impact on the divorce process. This is why an Ankara Divorce Lawyer should be hired. Divorce cases can be filed without a lawyer, you can write a petition yourself, but in contested divorces, custody and property sharing will cause conflicts. Therefore, it would be best for you to work with an Ankara Divorce Lawyer.


Property regime, commonly known as property sharing, is to decide how spouses will share the money and property they earned before and during marriage. The Civil Code has specified four types of property regimes. The “participation regime in acquired property” is stated as the legal regime, the other three listed in the law are; “property separation”, “shared property separation” and “property partnership regimes”. Spouses can choose one of other three regimes other than the legal property regime before or after marriage. Therefore, these can be described as types of optional property regimes. If a contract was made before marriage, property sharing is done according to this contract. 

In general terms, lineage refers to the biological and natural connection between a person and his descendants. In a narrow sense, paternity indicates the connection between the child and the parents. Pedigree is divided into two, natural and artificial:


The money that one of the spouses must pay to the other spouse for the care of the spouse who will fall into poverty and the child, if any, until the case is concluded, is called Precautionary or Temporary Alimony.


It is a type of alimony paid to individuals who will fall into poverty. Alimony can be paid by adults to their parents for children over the age of 18 who are continuing their education.

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